Swollen Lower Abdomen

Common Causes Of Swollen Lower Abdomen
Having swollen lower abdomen in women has different causes. This could be before or right after menses. This is one instance that is bound to cause the lower abdomen pains in women. It is very difficult to tell the causes of the pains. The most important thing at the moment you are going through the pains is getting the effects right. You need to watch over the features and that way; you are likely to have an easier time telling what the problem. All the signs you have been seeing need to be addressed to doctor so he may have an easier time diagnosing the issues with abdomen diagram to pinpoint the exact location of the pain. The most likely cause of the swelling could be complication with the urinary bladder. If you have a urinary disorder, there are chances that that is the actual cause of the swelling.

The other cause of swollen lower abdomen could be kidney problems as well as the reproductive problems. Well, the urinary bladder disorders are likely to be presented complicated conditions. Pains from the urinary system can indicate a condition like cystitis. This is the inflammation of the bladder. The other condition could be inflammation of the collecting system of one or both kidneys as well as kidney stones among other tumors.
Swollen Lower Abdomen
You can easily tell that you have a high problem if you have pains while passing urine. The burning sensation is disturbing and to make it worse you will always want to empty the bladder more often. If you want to be sure about kidney problems or the kidney stones, you should be alert to feel the pains that pass from the back to the front, or it’s pain under the abdomen. All the pains that are kidney related if not taken care of becomes severe and could be come worse with time.

If you have experienced blood stains in your urine, you need to have a fast treatment. This could means there is an infection with the kidney. It could also be a sign of tumor in your kidney. This results as swollen lower abdomen and the pains worsen with time. Besides the causes of swelling stomach that are related to the kidneys, intestines are also part of the causes of the pains. If you have a bowel, you are expected to have the swelling and this is very painful. The pain on bowels is normally referred to as colicky in nature,

Your reproductive system could also be a cause of swollen lower abdomen. One might have pains originating from the uterus, fallopian tubes or even the ovaries. One feels the pains at the lower side of the abdomen above the line of the pubic hair. If one feels the pain coming from one side of the tummy, there are chances that the pains are coming from the ovaries.

Any time you have swollen lower abdomen take precaution and see a doctor to determine if it is kidney related issues or not, and seek for renal medical treatment. This is a very bad situation to women most especially because the problem could be related to the reproductive system. Get fast medication so you may be at the safe side.

Swollen Lower Abdomen
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